News Beat
15 February, 1999
I now have a new email address at TheRef(tm). If you write to me at my old address, it will still get to me, but all replies will come from Probably at the end of March, I'll be shutting off the redirectors from the old URLs in an effort to force the use of the new URL for TheRef(tm).
31 January, 1999
TheRef(tm) is now running on a new site. Hosting is now being provided by Aquascape Internet Services. Please change any bookmarks to reflect the new address.
15 January, 1999
Somewhere I read that JTS filed for bankruptcy, I think. Anybody else see that story?... or am I dreaming?
Oct-Dec 1998
Lots of small corrections.
3 October 1998
Added Diamond Flower Electric Inst. and Initio Corporation to the Manufacturers listing. I'll be adding information on their products later, but for now there are links to their websites.
5 September 1998
Added a link to "The Hardware Book", by Joakim Ögren, to the Links page.
2 September 1998
Looks like Conner Peripherals will be the next big section to get revamped.
2 August 1998
Added the Floppy Drive section. The information is a bit on the old side, but I'm gathering information on newer drives.
23 July 1998
Updated the address for Dauphin Technology.
17 July 1998
Started work on the Floppy Section. It should hit the Website by the end of the month.
14 July 1998
Added Peter den Hann's "Yet Another EIDE/Fast-ATA/ATA-2 FAQ" to the FTP page. Peter has a lot of good info and Links to other info on Drives.
6 July 1998
Updated the Areal Technology section. Added text versions of JTS & Areal specifications.
30 June 1998
Color comes to the Manufacturers Section! I've just uploaded the first few updates to this section, and have added the Table View along with a color scheme. I'd put off doing any major updating here because its such a pain to find out what happened to so & so Company... did they merge, move, die, or change direction? I've updated the first 10 with any info I could find. As always, I appreciate comments.
27 June 1998
Added JTS Corporation to the Hard Drives section. I'm still missing some parameters. I emailed JTS's Tech Support, who replied that the info was on their website. Sure it is... in invisible ink. <g>
25 June 1998
I'm now using Sun's Hot Java Browser to check TheRef(tm) for HTML errors. All my new code should be pretty clean. It's surprising how many mistakes are in some of the sites I frequent.
23 June 1998
I've been advising people that the setup for the Adaptec AHA-1540A/42A was available. It was, but I somehow missed FTP'ing it onto the site. Its there now.
30May 1998
I've revised the Homepage of TheRef(tm) and added some Icons to give it some color. I've kept their size down to keep the page load quick.
25 May 1998
The Adaptec Controller page has been revised, using table format. Controllers are now divided by Interface & Bus.
18 May 1998
I've just completed updating the Quantum hard drive section, generating both a graphical & text version (specs only). I've added as many setups as I could. There are still a few drives that I have no setup info for. If you have one that's missing, I'd appreciate hearing from you. (or if you find a mistake)