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17 May, 2000

Welcome to TheRef (tm).

By F. Robert Falbo - The definitive list of drives with specifications,
now hosted on our mfarris.com servers.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with the specifications and setup information you'll need to install storage peripherals, such as Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Floppy Drives, and Controllers/Host Adapters.

Please choose your area of interest from the column on the left. There are currently 8 main areas...
  • Hard Drives... Specs & setup information.
  • Controllers... Specs & setup information.
  • Floppy Drives... Specs only.
  • Optical Drives... not started yet.
  • Manufacturers... Addresses, phones, & Internet contact info.
  • TechTalk... Interface information & a bit of biased history.
  • FAQs & Files... More in-depth info on SCSI, ATA, etc., and a few old drivers.
  • Links... to other Websites of interest.

There are also 4 lesser areas...
  • NewsBeat... What's new at TheRef(tm).
  • Author... Info about me, the software I use, and disclaimers.
  • Contributors... People who have contributed to TheRef(tm).
  • History... A little dittie on how & when TheRef(tm) got started.

I appreciate your comments, suggestions, and additions. Please send email to the address listed on the Author page. If your contribution is used... your name will be added to the Contributors page!
TheRef(tm) is also available in file form. The latest version is 4.5a, released on 6 May 1996, which is a partial update to the last full version, 4.3. The full version (4.3) still contains valuable information in the sections that the 4.5a update doesn't cover, like Floppy Drives and CD Roms. If you'd like to FTP a copy, it's available along with a few other files of interest on our FAQs & Files Page.
FTP theref_now.zip If you operate a Website and would like to add a button type link to TheRef(tm), you can obtain the graphics and text right here.

Please note that TheRef(tm) is NOT affiliated with any of the Companies listed, and their inclusion should not be construed as an endorsement in any way.

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