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western digital ac11200 picture.
western digital ac11200 picture.
western digital ac11200 picture.

Western Digital AC11200 Specifications
Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int.Type
AC11200 Caviar 1282MB 3.5" SL EIDE  

Specifications for the WD Caviar AC11200

Recommended Setup Parameters
Cylinders 2484
Heads 16
Sectors/Track 63
Landing Zone 2484
WPC 2484
Jumper Setting Information Ten Pin Drive
Physical Specifications
Formatted Capacity* 1,282 MB
Interface 40-pin EIDE
Actuator Type Rotary Voice Coil
Number of Platters 1
Data Surfaces 2
Number of Heads 2
Bytes Per Sector 512
User Sectors Per Drive 2,503,872
Servo Type Embedded
Recording Method GCR 8,9 - PRML
ECC Reed Solomon
Head Park** Automatic

* Western Digital defines a megabyte (MB) as 1,000,000 bytes and a gigabyte (GB) as 1,000,000,000 bytes

** Turning the system power off causes the WD Caviar to perform an automatic head park operation.

Performance Specifications
Average Seek (Read) 11.5 ms
Track to Track Seek 3.0 ms
Full Stroke Seek 21 ms
Average Latency 5.8 ms
Rotational Speed 5200 RPM
Transfer Rate (Buffer to Host) 33.3 MB/s (Mode 2 Ultra DMA)
16.6 MB/s (Mode 4 PIO)
16.6 MB/s (Mode 2 multi-word DMA)
Transfer Rate (Buffer to Disk) 57 Mbits/s minimum
114 Mbits/s maximum
Interleave 1:1
Buffer Size 256 K DRAM
Error Rate (Non-Recoverable) <1 in 1013 bits read
Spindle Start Time
- From Power-on to Drive Ready*
- From Power-on to Rotational Speed
11s typical, 18s maximum
7s typical, 15s maximum
Contact Start/Stop Cycles (CSS) 40,000 minimum

* Defined as the time from power-on to the setting of the Drive Ready and Seek Complete including calibration.

Physical Dimensions
Height English:
1.00 inch (±0.02 inch)

25.4 mm (±0.51 mm)

Length English:
5.75 inches (±0.02 inch)

146.05 mm (±0.51 mm)

Width English:
4.00 inches (±0.02 inch)

101.6 mm (±0.51 mm)

Weight (min) English:
1.1 pounds (±0.11 pounds)

.500 kg (±0.050 kg)

Electrical Specifications
Current Requirements and Power Dissipation
Operating Mode Power, Typical*
Spinup 18 W
Read/Write 5.2 W
Power Management Commands
Operating Mode Power, Typical*
Idle 5.2 W
Standby 1.4 W
Sleep 1.4 W

Input Voltage Requirements

+5.0V (±5%) and 12.0V (±8%)

* All values are typical (25°C, 5.0V, and 12V input) except where specified as maximum.

Environmental Specifications
Shock:* Operating
10 G

150 G
Vibration Operating
5-20 Hz, 0.037 inches (double amplitude)
20-300 Hz, 0.75 G (0 to peak)

5-20 Hz, 0.195 inches (double amplitude)
20-500 Hz, 4.0 G (0 to peak)

Operating Temperature and Humidity Temperature
5º C to 55º C (41ºF to 131ºF)

8-80% RH non-condensing

Thermal Gradient
10°C/hour (maximum)
Non-Operating Temperature and Humidity

-40º C to 60º C (-40ºF to 140ºF)

5-95% RH non-condensing

Thermal Gradient
20°C/hour (maximum)

Acoustics Idle Mode**
37 dBA (typical)

350,000 Hours

Warranty Period
Warranty Status

* Half sine wave, measured without shock isolation and without non-recoverable errors.

** No audible pure tones.

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