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Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int. Type
ST31250WD Barracuda 2 1020MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 D/W
ST31270A Medalist 1282MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Enh.
ST31274A FilePro STE 1278MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST31275A 1275MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST31276A Medalist 1276 1275MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Enh.
ST31277A Medalist 1277 1200MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST313030A 13.02GB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA4 Ultra
ST313032A Medalist 13032 13GB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA-66 Ultra
ST313620A 13.67GB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA-66 Ultra
ST313640A Medalist 13640 13600MB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA3 Ultra
ST3144A 131MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
ST3145A 130MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
ST31621A 1620MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST31640A Medalist 1625MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST31720A Medalist 1.7 1700MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST31721A Medalist 1704MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST31722A Medalist 1722 1700MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
ST317240A Medalist 17240 17200MB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA4 Ultra
ST317242A Medalist17242 17200MB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA-66 Ultra
ST318203FC 18.21GB 3.5" 1/3HT Fibre  
ST318203LW Cheetah 18200MB 3.5" 1/3HT SCSI3 UL2/W
ST318275FC 18300MB 3.5" 1/3HT FC-AL Fiber
ST318275LW 18300MB 3.5" HHT UL2 W
ST31930N 1700MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 Fast
ST3195A 170MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
ST32105N Cayman 2147MB 3.5" SL SCSI2/3 SE
ST32105W Cayman 2147MB 3.5" SL SCSI2/3 W
ST32107N Cayman 2110MB 3.5" SL SCSI2/3 SE
ST32107W Cayman 2110MB 3.5" SL SCSI2/3 W
ST32109N 2147MB 3.5" SL SCSI Ultra
ST32109W 2147MB 3.5" SL SCSI W
ST32110A Medalist 2100MB 3.5" SL ULTRA ATA
ST32111A 2.11GB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA3 Ultra
ST32112A 2.16GB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA-66 Ultra
ST3211A 210MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
ST32120A Medalist 2111MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast

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