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Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int. Type
ST9025A 21MB 2.5" SL IDE AT
ST9051A 43MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9052A 43MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9077A 64MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9080A 64MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9096A 85MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9096N 85MB 2.5" SSL SCSI1 SE
ST9100AG 86MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST91080AG Marathon SL 1083MB 2.5" SSL ATA3  
ST91350AG Marathon 1350MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
ST9140AG 128MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST91420A Marathon SL 1441MB 2.5" SSL ATA3  
ST91420AG 1442MB 2.5" SL ATA3  
ST91430AG Marathon 1449MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
ST9144A 128MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9144N 128MB 2.5" SSL SCSI1 SE
ST9145A 128MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9145AG 128MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9150AG 131MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
ST91685AG Marathon 1680MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
ST9190AG Marathon 171MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9195A 170MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST92120AG Marathon SL 2167MB 2.5" SSL ATA3  
ST92130A Marathon 2130SL 2162MB 2.5" SSL ATA3  
ST92255AG Marathon 2250MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
ST9235A 209MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9235AG 210MB 2.5" SSL IDE AT
ST9235N 209MB 2.5" SL SCSI  
ST9235NG 209MB 2.5" SL SCSI1 SE
ST9240AG Marathon 210MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast

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