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Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int. Type
ST4766NM Wren 6 676MB 5.25" FHT SCSI1 Mac
ST4767E 676.8MB 5.25" FHT ESDI  
ST4767ES Wren 2 676MB 5.25" FHT ESDI  
ST4767N Wren Runner 2 666MB 5.25" FHT SCSI2 SE
ST4767ND Wren Runner 2 666MB 5.25" FHT SCSI2 Diff.
ST4767NM Wren Runner 2 666MB 5.25" FHT SCSI1 Mac
ST4769E 631MB 5.25" FHT ESDI  
ST4769ES Wren Runner 691MB 5.25" FHT ESDI  
ST506 5MB 5.25" FHT MFM ST506
ST51080A Medalist 1080MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST51080N Medalist 1080 1080MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 Fast
ST51270A Medalist 1270SL 1282MB 3.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
ST52160A Medalist 2.1 2113MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST52160N Medalist Pro 2170MB 3.5" SL SCSI3 Ultra
ST52160WC Medalist 2170MB 3.5" SL SCSI3 W/UL
ST52520A Medalist Pro 2564MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Enh.
ST5540A Medalist 540SL 541MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST5660A 545MB 3.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
ST5660N 545MB 3.5" SSL SCSI2 Fast
ST5850A Decathelon 850 850MB 3.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
ST5851A Medalist 854MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST6344J 344MB 9.0" FHT SMD E  
ST6516J 516MB 9.0" FHT SMD E  
ST6516K 516MB 9.0" FHT IPI-2  
ST7075 65MB 1.8" SSL IDE AT
ST81123J Saber 5 980MB 8.0" FHT SMD O/E
ST81154K 985MB 8.0" FHT IPI-2  
ST81236J Saber 5 1056MB 8.0" FHT SMD O/E
ST81236K 1056MB 8.0" FHT IPI-2  
ST82030J Saber 6 1800MB 8.0" FHT SMD O/E
ST82030K Saber 6 1800MB 8.0" FHT IPI-2  
ST82038J Saber 6 1800MB 8.0" FHT SMD E  
ST82105K Saber 6 8HP 1900MB 8.0" FHT IPI-2  
ST82272J Saber 6 2000MB 8.0" FHT SMD E  
ST82368K Saber 6 9HP 2100MB 8.0" FHT IPI-2  

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