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Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int. Type
ST32531A Medalist 2557MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Fast
ST32532A Medalist 2532 2557MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
ST32550N Barracuda 2LP 2147MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 Fast
ST32550ND Barracuda 2 2147MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 Diff.
ST32550W Barracuda 2LP 2147MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 W
ST32550WD Barracuda 2 2147MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 D/W
ST325AX 21MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
ST325N 21MB 3.5" SL SCSI1 SE
ST325X 21MB 3.5" SL IDE XT
ST3270A Filepro 270AT 270MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST3271A Filepro 270MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST3283A 245MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
ST3283N 249MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 SE
ST3285N 248MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 Fast
ST3290A 261MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
ST3291A Medalist 272MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST3295A Medalist 275XE 272MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST33210A Medalist 3210 3200MB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA3 Ultra
ST33220A Medalist 3227MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
ST33221A Medalist 3227MB 3.5" SL ATA Ultra
ST33223A 3.25GB 3.5" 1/3HT ATA3 Ultra
ST33230A Medalist 3227MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST33232A Medalist 3232 3200MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
ST33240A Medalist 3227MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Enh.
ST3385A 340MB 3.5" HHT IDE AT
ST3390A 341MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
ST3390N 343MB 3.5" SL SCSI2 Fast
ST3420A Bobcat 420MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
ST3425A Filepro 425MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast

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